About us

Clinical psychology is the field devoted to studying the individual’s psychological maladjustment and the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal behaviors. Knowledge in clinical psychology is essential to diagnose and treat psychological disorders and to prevent psychological problems caused by excessive stress that is becoming problematic in modern society.  This also helps to improve the vitality of one’s everyday life as well as the quality of life at home, the organization, and the community.

Behavior therapy or behavior modification is a method that structurally teaches socially appropriate and personally meaningful behaviors using the principle of increasing and decreasing behaviors. It is used in clinical and educational settings that focus on the management of oneself and organization and the relief of emotional and physical symptoms.

Yonsei University’s Behavioral Psychology Lab  affiliated with Yonsei University’s psychology department, is Professor Chung and her master/doctoral students conduct research together. Members of the lab participate in clinical training and psychological testing in places associated with Yonsei Psychological Health Center and university hospital. By applying the principles of behavior modification and cooperating with other fields of study, various areas conduct assesment, treatment, and research.