Emotional and behavioral autonomy as mediators of parental overprotection and children’s psychosocial adjustment: a Repeated Measures Study


Parental overprotection is a level of maternal and paternal involvement that is judged to be excessive and inappropriate when objectively considering the developmental level and abilities of a child (Thomasgard, Metz, Edelbrock, & Shonkoff, 1995). Previous studies found a relationship between parental overprotection and adjustment problems that adolescence and adults experience, including depression, anxiety, and problem behaviors (Holmbeck et al., 2002; Parker, 1979; Rutter, 1976).Studies suggest that parental overprotection impedes children’s development (Anderson & Coyne, 1991, 1993; Clay, 1997; Parker, 1983), but there are limited studies on how children’s autonomy mediates their psychological problems and parental overprotection. The study aims to explore the affective and behavioral autonomy as a mediator of relationship between parental overprotection and children’s psychological adaptation


Sung-yeon Yoon E.mail: Jessy0301@hanmail.net 


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