The Korean version of Autism Spectrum Disorder-Comorbid of Children


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by symptoms of impairment of social interaction and communication, stereotypic and restricted behaviors (American Psychiatric Association[APA], 2004). ASD have many biologically based co-occurring behaviors (Dominick et al., 2007; Matson et al., 2008). Almost 70% of ASD have intellectual disability (Fomhonne, 2003) and other psychopathological disorders such as eating disorders, anxiety disorders, ADHD, depression, OCD were easily found in ASD (myles et al., 2005). However, only a limited number of studies focusing on psychopathological disorders co-occurred with ASD currently exist due to the heterogeneity of ASD symptoms, communication difficulties and intellectual impairments (Matson, Lovullo, Rivet & Boisjoli, 2009).

The purpose of the study is to standardize ASD-CC (the Autism Spectrum disorder-comorbid for children; Matson et al., 2008) among children with ASD in Korea. The tool will be effective to understand comorbid psychopathology in children with Autism.


Dayi Jung  : 


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