The effectiveness of treatment programs for individuals with Autism spectrum Disorder


The objective of this study is to enhance children’s basic learning skills, group environment adjustment, and parenting skills for parents. The program provides an individualized 1 to 1 DTT treatment and a group lesson for children to easily adapt to group environment in the future. Parents have the opportunity to participate in weekly group educational programs that aim to give them a better understanding of ABA and basic parenting methods and to allow them to be involved in a treatment scene while their child is being treated as a way to connect with them personally. In order for the program to be effective, the children’s treatment data are thoroughly collected. Based on these data, we create cumulative graphs in time accordance on every behavior criteria to assess child’s progress in real time. To assess the overall effectiveness of the treatment program, children and parents are evaluated from a psychological test and the baseline of performance level is measured in early stage of the treatment. The assessment is re-evaluated every 6 months or every year.


Chin Dongjoo

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