The Effect of the Mother’s Parenting Attitudes on Adolescent Depression: The Mediating Role of Avoidant Emotion Regulation and Emotion Clarity

This study examined the effect of parenting behavior on adolescent depression, as well as the mediating roles of an avoidant emotion regulation style and emotional clarity on adolescent depression. 419 adolescents (7th-10th grade) living in Seoul participated in this study and they completed self-report measures on depression, parenting behavior, an avoidant emotion regulation style, and emotion clarity. All the variables showed significant correlations with one another. The results of the structural equation modeling (SEM) indicated that an avoidant emotion regulation style and emotion clarity partially mediate between parenting behavior and adolescent depression. This study presents an integrative model of adolescent depression and it provides implications for the treatment and prevention of adolescent depression. The limitations of this study and suggestions for further study are also discussed.