The effect of an app-based self-management program “HARU”

The purpose of this study is to develop an app-based self-management program, “HARU”, for cancer patients and to test its effectiveness. The program provides a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for depression/anxiety, sleep, and pain problem which are the most common psychological problems of cancer patients.

This is the process of HARU:

First, participants identify their problem from module assessment and the severity of the problem from severity assessment. Then, participants who exceed the cut-off score are recommended the “HARU Program” while the other participants are recommended the “HARU Card”. “HARU Program” is an intensive intervention program consisting of education and activities while “HARU Card” is a minimal intervention program that incorporates a set of cards that provide helpful information to alleviate psychological problems. Thus, the current study aims to examine the effects of an app-based self-management program for cancer patients.