Effectiveness of Mobile Application-based Psycho-Function Training Program for Children and Adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Currently, the interventions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), which usually focus on improving social skills and cognitive function, are both costly in terms of time and monetary funds. In order to create a more cost-effective method, the authors developed two mobile application based training programs, ‘Yface, a social skills training program, and ‘Ycog’, a cognitive function training program for children with ASD. To investigate the effectiveness of the training programs, each participant was assessed his or her social skills and cognitive function before the start and after the completion of the training program Based on the results, the two training programs were effective in improving each targeted area—social skills or cognitive function. In order to generalize the effectiveness of the programs, the ‘Yface’ and ‘Ycog’ training program was distributed on the mobile application market. The training program is currently downloadable for anyone who is interested in the program under the condition that the participant consents to the study and completes a pre-assessment prior to training. To further investigate and develop more cost-effective programs, further studies are needed to verify the effectiveness of consistent training