Development of an Adaptive Skills Training Program for Youths with Developmental Disabilities using Video Modeling and and Pictorial Cues

Since acquiring adaptive skills is essential to quality of life and independence of youths with developmental disabilities (DD), there is a need of intervention program which is effective and highly accessible. The purpose of this study was to develop a program to improve adaptive skills of youths with DD. In order to produce programs that are highly utilized in the field, need assessment and production process were performed. As a need assessment, semi-structured interview with 5 BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts), 10 teachers and 17 parents was conducted. Upon the basis of thematic analysis for a qualitative data, contents were classified into six categories; self-help skills, situation awareness, social rules, coping skills, communication, attention skills. Especially, six out of 13 respondents who replied in coping skills also replied in self-help skills and situation awareness. The most demanding training contents were identified as learning situations such as self-help skills and social rules. 41 situations were chosen by reviewing a book, assessment tool, 11 times of internal meeting, and consultation with ABA specialists. Videos were 15seconds to 1minute long, and pictorial cues were 3 to 5 sequential pictures edited from the videos. Examination of the effectiveness of the program is in progress