Study of Development and Validity of Parent Overprotective Scale-2 (K-POS-2)

New terms such as “helicopter moms” who hover around their children and “lawn moms’ refer to mothers who take the lead in removing obstacles in front of their children instead, reflect socially rampant overprotective upbringing. In addition, according to surveys on the types of child rearing in Korea, Japan, Germany, Sweden, and other countries, Korean mothers are relatively less supportive and more controlled (Lee, Lee, Kim, 2008) and Korean over-preservation is reported to feature face-consciousness, emphasis on achievement, and equalization of children in addition to excessive control (Chung, Yun, 2015). Previous studies have shown that overprotective behavior is related to a college student’s sense of right or negative personality traits, so it is considered essential to develop measures that accurately reflect the level of overprotection among college students. This study seeks to partially revise the sub-paragraph of the Korean Overprotective Scale (K-POS) for high school students, which was developed and validated by Chung and Yoon (2015), and to re-organize them for college students.