Standardization Study of the Korean-Parenting Stress Index 4th Edition Short Form

Parents gain pleasure and joy from their children, but they also experience certain amount of stress from parenting since it is physically, psychologically and economically burdensome(Eisenhower, Baker, & Blacher, 2009). When daily parenting stress gets accumulated frequently and constantly, it might have as much impact as severe stressor(Weinberger, Hiner, & Tierney, 1987). So, appropriate assessment and intervention for parenting stress is necessary. PSI-SF(Parenting Stress Index Short Form) is a short form index, consisted of 36 items from PSI, measuring parenting stress of parents who have child aged 1~12 years. PSI-SF was first developed in 1976 in U.S., and was revised into PSI-4-SF in 2012(Abidin, 2012). Since PSI-SF is able to be implemented in relatively short amount of time, it may contribute to efficient assessment at research and clinical field. Therefore, this study aims to standardize PSI-4-SF into korean version to measure parenting stress of korean parents.