Exploring a factor structure of the Korean Version of Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents Short Form (K-SIPA-SF)

Most of parents experience parenting stress which is psychological burden specifically from playing a role as parents. It has been reported that parents experience more parenting stress when their children become adolescents because children in that period insist more freedom or independence and show more disobedience. Such transitional period of children overlaps with midlife crisis of parents, who experience unstable physical and psychological state. It may result in vicious circle as the severe stress reduces quality of life and increase psychological or/and behavioral problems. However, there is no convenient reliable and valid measurement that measures stress of parents of adolescents. The purpose of the study is to investigate factor structure of SIPA (Stess Index for Parents of Adolescent) with Korean data to reduce items appropriate for Korean culture and to test reliability and validity of the measurement.