If you would like to use Yonsei-Cambridge Mindreading Face Battery , please follow the steps.

Step 1. Check the following requirements.

1)Only a PHD-holding faculty at a non-profit, degree-granting, academic institution or a representative of an affiliation colud request for the use of Y-CAM.

Please note : We do not accept requests directly from students, nor do we accept any requests from students on behalf of their advisor.
Students should ask their faculty advisor to complete the request form and the statement of use.

*Only an adviser or a representative of an affiliation should request for the use of
Affiliated students or researchers may not be able to use the database.

2)The Y-CAM can be used only for research purposes.

3)You shall not publish the Y-CAM in any print format-including books,JOURNALS, newspapers, etc except for permitted research purposes.

4)You shall not make the Y-CAM available to the media(television, magazines, etc.) or to place them to any internet or computer-accessible websites

5)All copies of Y-CAM will ONLY the stored on computers at your institution.

6)You are not permitted to give copies to others. Each user should apply for separate permission.

7)All submitted papers (or any publically available text) that uses the compound or partial images of the Y-CAM must cite the following paper:


Step 2. Please complete the Y-face Statement Of Use Form.

If you fully understand all clauses of the Y-CAM Statement of Use, please check each clause individually.

Step 3. Please complete the Y-CAM Request Form.

1)You must upload a direct link to their official profile on your institutional website that lists your job position and credentials as a PHD-holding faculty or a representative of an affiliation at the request form.

2)You must provide specific plans for your study.

3)You must fill out all information accurately. Only completed forms will be reviewed

Step 4. Please send me an email After checking the contents.

Please send me an email After checking the contents.
– Email Address : ysuniv.clinicalpsy@gmail.com
– Subject : ‘Y-CAM request’
– Body : None