Association of addiction to smart phone and mental health, and the effectiveness of feedback on patterns of smart phone use.


Smartphone has become essential of modern life, functioning not only as basic phone, but social communication tool via SNS and tool that enables to get information. However, its side effects also has been revealed. Smartphone effects on mental health, and smartphone addiction has been pointed out as serious problem. 

Average usage time of smartphone is 2.7 hour, which is longer than usage time of traditional computer (Oulasvirta, Rattenbury, Ma, & Raita, 2012), and it increases the possibility of addiction. Therefore, smartphone addiction can be proper data related with impulsivity. Also, there’s a research result that shows high internet usage time comes from try to alleviate depression. Since main purpose of smartphone usage is for internet, smartphone addiction is likely to be associated with depression. Therefore, this research investigates the relationship of smarphone usage pattern and mental health such as impulsivity, stress, depression. 

In addition, it investigates if feedback program that shows smartphone usage time, and numbers of messenger usage through pop-up message can change smartphone usage time and pattern.