Lee Seung Ah

Favorite : weight training, cooking

Research Interests : self-management, early intervention in autism spectrum disorder

Rhee Myung Ah

Favorite : Drawing, Writing, Travel

Research Interests : Quality of Life, Psychotherapy for patients with chronic illness, Public policies to encourage healthy habits

Seo Dae Sung

Favorite : Ice coffee

Research Interests : ICT, Older

Lee Seo I

Favorite : Traveling

Research Interests : Digital Phenotyping, Digital Mental Health

Chung Eunsun

Favorite : Traveling, Sports

Research Interests : Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Digital Phenotyping, Digital Mental Health

Masters students

Lee Chang Seok

Favorite : Playing guitar, Singing

Research Interests : Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Behaviorism

Yang, Yoon Jung

Favorite : music, sports

Research Interests : Autism Spectrum Disorder, Parent training

Jung Seung min

Favorite : Watching baseball game

Research Interests : Autism Spectrum Disorder, Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Jang hyeyeon

Favorite: Watching American comedy movies, Traveling

Research interest: Neuro developmental disorder, Parent training

Narae Shin

Favorite: Indie Music, American Drama

Research Interests: Neurodevelopmental Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chansol Park

Favorite : Walking

Research Interests : Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD), Neurodevelopmental Disorder(NDD)

Lee Youn Kyoung

Favorite: Traveling

Research Interests: Digital mental health, Autism Spectrum Disorder